Last Resting Place – Now part of TheGenealogist

LastRP is undergoing a major change since its acquisition by family history website TheGenealogist. The new site will be have a much expanded free search facility with records from around the world but with a focus on the UK.

Headstones nationwide are suffering from erosion, and burial grounds from closures for new developments. Often the stones are removed to create green spaces and they are reused as paving or destroyed.

It is the aim of this project to help preserve the invaluable family history information that can be found on gravestones.

To find out more about our volunteer project and to sign up, please visit our UKIndexer page:

10 thoughts on “Last Resting Place – Now part of TheGenealogist”

  1. Be happy to help transcribe material. I’ve done so for familysearch for several years. I had ancestors from all over England and Scotland (Highlands mostly- Munroe and Kneeland) who came to new England in 1600’s.

    1. As a youngster ceertemies frightened me. Hawaiians are very superstitious by nature. But since moving to the mainland and becoming so enamored of olden times, I think headstones are romantic. They tell a story of a life that once was and of those lives that were left behind. :)

  2. Having spent many hours looking at gravestones and photographing the headstones for many relatives, I am thrilled to find this website! I have family graves spread from Australia to the Scottish Highlands and extending across Europe, so it will be fabulous to find these through one website. Thank you! :-)

  3. a few years ago we at brancepeth archives & history group photographed and made transcriptions of all the gravestones at st . brandon’s church, brancepeth . i noted recently in the genealogist that they were asking for volunteers to register to carry out research into local graveyards to increase our knowledge of the gravestones and the inscriptions . i registered and registered my interest in st . brandon’s, brancepeth .

    i have received an email from the genealogist to say that st . brandon’s churchyard has already been done and therefore my help is not required . as i am the only person to have photographed the headstones i find this a little bewildering and feel that the records put on the database must be very old and therefore incomplete . i doubt if photographs have been included . i put this question to the genealogical society and they have replied that the information comes from yourselves .
    would it be possible to examine this database so that i can advise you whether it is the latest information .

    peter cargill
    brancepeth archives & history group

  4. I have just signed up to take photos at St Swithins churchyard, Bintree, Norfolk. I will take the photos on my i phone…. But then what? Where do I send them????

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